It’s time for new reality!

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Explore universe at home

Find yourself in the center of the fascinating universe.


It’s realy easy to use our VR glasses

Innovative headset to create the effect of presence immerses you in the real world with a volume of 360 viewing angle. Enjoy truly realistic images due to the higher resolution and higher density pixel.

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Virtual Reality. Any Phone. Anywhere

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See our customers’ reviews

Khi mua ống thép tại Bảo Tín, tôi hoàn toàn yên tâm về chất lượng. Các bạn phục vụ rất chuyên nghiệp, sản phẩm như ý, giá cả rất cạnh tranh.

Whitney Green

I had bought VR glasses and invited all my friends. We tested this super new gadget, it’s like having the first television. Everyone from 9-year-olds to 79 years olds to a person has just said WOW.

Craig Jennings

In terms of gadgets its just awesome – I flew a plane, I went underwater in a sub I played a totally immersive shoot out with four strangers where I literally had to get on the floor to hide behind a VR wall.

Nicolas Williams

Great to travel the world and see whats out there. Also a good training aid for different subjects to see actual hands on experience. Fun to watch other people who have never experienced VR before.

Sylvia Adams

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